Whats all this then?

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I probably haven’t posted since 2009, yet here I am entering text into a box for the sole purpose of seeing if I can call the content from an external source.

Here’s hopin’!


The muse has returned

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Maybe it was all that time off during the holidays, or the miserable weather, or the desire not to play videogames all the time, but it seems I’ve got my creative spark back.

I’ve been DJing again, and it feels good. I’m terribly out of practice so I really need to get on top of my shit if I’m actually going to host a radio show on the internets. I’m even making my own opening. (I know Radio has a name for this but I don’t know what it is. You know that bit at the beginning of a show that introduces your show?)

I also finally finished my holiday track. No it’s not holiday themed, I’m just calling it that because it was my spare time project while I wasn’t at work. It’s a Mark Knight / Nic Fanciulli / Funkagenda style tune with some interesting pads. I may warm those up a bit depending on the feedback I get. It was a great deal of fun but I had a hard time figuring out how to end it. I think I’ve got it now, but there is still room for improvment.

Next up, contact the dubplate.fm guys to pitch my show…

Idea for a radio show

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I’m currently floating the possibility of my own radio show. I haven’t yet decided exactly on the format, but I do want to focus on the music I like to DJ and produce the most: minimal, techno, tech-house, and some ambient/chillout.

DJ Coi at dubplate.fm has asked for an example set (this was over a month ago, I still haven’t delivered.), and I plan to record just that on new years day. The trouble with dance music radio shows is that the audience is tuning in to hear something new and unique. I can’t necessarily afford to buy new music for each show, even if I keep it to an hour. However I think I’ve figured it out.

I already have quite a bit of music in my repertoire. It should not be hard to fill an hour if I alternate between  new stuff and old, especially if I can make it all flow together nicely.

So I thought what I might do is:
– I’ll make my own little noisy blurb to identify myself
– Start the show off with something ambient, or at least something that starts ambient, or just without drums. Also, I could make something.
– Occasionally during the show a robotic voice will say something totally random and zen, maybe. Or just nerdy.
– Play no more then five new tunes.

We’ll see what happens once I have a demo set recorded. Once I have a demo set, I’ll try recording a concept show. If the concept show is approved then, well the rest is obvious.


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I liked the way CNCD turned out, alot. So much so that I decided to make a whole new track using the same instruments. I decided on something techy and minimal, while trying to maintain the feel of the original. The result is what you have here.

Why yes, is does sound an awful lot like Carbon by King Roc.

The sounds
I made some noticeable adjustments to each instrument and added a couple of extra drum parts. The bass part and the wobbling synth come from the same instrument, I just seperated them into different channels. I turned the creepy Rhodes-style part into a pad. The strings I pretty much left alone. The synth arpeggio now has a 3 octave range.

The sequencing
I’m pretty happy with the sequencing

Future changes

  • That noisy sweep sound either has to be brought way down or be removed entirely. It over powers the rest of the track, and that was not my intent. I blame my headphones for this, I was trying to mix AND master on AKGs with horrible high-end response. If I need to take this part out entirely, I can find other ways to build tension. I think I’ll lurk soundcloud for ideas…
  • The arpeggio needs to come down in volume, and I might bring back the chord from CNCD. I’m realising now, after listening to both back-to-back, that the chord sounds way better.
  • Possible adjustments to the sequencing, maybe.

I’ve become pretty attached to this track, so much so¬† that working on any others feel futile. That said, I’ll be tinkering with it for some time until I consider it “finished”…

I should have read this long ago…

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Here’s an article about mastering from Propellerheads’ “Discovering Reason” bank of tutorials. I like it because it’s main focus isn’t Reason (until the end). It looks to have been released around the time Reason v3 came out, so while a bit older it still holds true today.

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“Creepy much?”

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Here’s another one. I claim inpsiration from Aphex Twin on this one, specifically the I Care Because You Do album. At least the more ambient stuff. My style is not nearly as destructive or tediously programmed, though with time that might change… we’ll see.

I enjoyed creating this track and I think I’m going to tinker with it some more. For now, turn up the volume and turn down the lights, and forgive me for my sloppy mixdown.

Timesavers: Set up a template

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Today’s tip is “Setting up a workspace”. I’ve done this for every bit of software I’ve ever made, and any self-respecting producer or engineer will repeat what is written here, possibly more coherently then me.

One thing that I you may find yourself doing repeatedly is setting up your software in a manner that you prefer. Sometimes this can be complicated. For example, Reason’s default view is crowded before you’ve even added a bloody mixer; the “rack” and the sequencer are crammed into one long-ass window. I have the screen space to seperate the sequencer window and the rack seperate. I also always start off with a mixer and a drum device. Once this is set up, I save the session the way it is, with no additional instruments, patches, or notes recorded. Reason lets me choose a session file to open on startup, so that’s what I do.
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